Saturday, October 10, 2009


One Piece Unlimited Cruise 2: Awakening of a Hero
Fish, Creatures, Treasure, but not a Walkthrough at all
Created by bnui_ransder (

Table of Contents

1, Intro ----------------------------- [TOP]
2. Quick List ------------------.----[QKLS]
- a. Thousand Sunny
- b. Desert Isle (Island 1)
- c. Memory Isle (Island 2)
- d. Boggy Isle (Island 3)
- e. Floating Isle (Island 4)
3. Cooking List -------------.----- [CKNG]
4. Compounding List ------------[CMPD]
5. Development List--------------[DVLP]
6. Database -----------------------[DTBS]
- a. Land Creatures ------------.-.[LNCR]
- b. Water Creatures -------------[WTCR]
- c. Enemy Data----------------.--.[ENDT]
7. Treasure Maps ----------.------[TRMP]
8. Version Stuffs -----------..---- [VRST]
9. Legal Stuffs -------------.-----[LGST]

Intro ----------------------------[TOP]

So.... first FAQ that I have ever made so.... yeah. Bear with me. It will be a bit.... badly formatted. BUT anyway... I enjoy this game a lot, but would have enjoyed it a lot more if I didnt have to stress myself looking for these things that they give NO HINTS AT ALL to. So I wish to pass on this information, hoping to keep your experience an enjoyable, stress
free.... experience.

OH and not really an intro thing... but a tip. If this is your first time playing I would try to keep 10 Marble, 10 Bamboo, and 10 Wood on you at all times. For all of those pesky ladders and bridges and whatever. And if you feel an item is rare, try not to use it for converting.. you will regret it later.

I've tried to keep my spelling in check, but this is done in regular notepad... so if you see any errors, but you can still understand what I meant, then its alright. Any really big errors.. I guess just tell me and I will try to fix it as soon as possible


  1. Hey bnui
    Thank you for this wonderful blog.
    It has been very helpful when i had to look for such things as lotus seeds and hard shells from an ant lion.

    Thanks again

  2. No problem, im glad I could be of help!

  3. What happens when im starting a new game?

    I have seen that you keep hp/sp level and atacks but what else do you keep when you go from normal to hard / hard to unlimited... and what do you loose?

  4. umm, could you put a section explaining how to unlock attacks and abillities?

    also, im having difficulty getting the advanced pickaxe because i cant find 7 diamonds...
    i found one on island 2, where im stuck, but i didnt respawn... where are the others?

  5. thanks you really helped a lot!!!!! :)

  6. oh! yeah i forgot,if you could, can you please insert how to get all the medicines machines and dishes,because the are somethings that i have the ingredients for the preparation but i cant because franky and usopp dont have the blueprints or something!! thanks!